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Where can I buy my Halloween tickets from?

Preferably in advance online, however you can purchase tickets in advance from the ticket office at the farm.  The discounted specials and advance tickets are only available by booking in advance, they are not available to purchase on the night. Tickets are also available to buy on the night however these are subject to availability and you will be charged the Gate price.Tickets go on sale from 1st September.

Where do I collect my Halloween tickets from that I have purchased online?

Collect your tickets from the Ticket Collection Point at the Main Ticket Kiosk, before the day to avoid queues, or
collect on the day or night itself. Ticket collection until 9.30pm, ticket office closes at 10.00pm.

What are Halloween Ticket Office opening times?

A: Ticket Office opening times are 10.00am-10.00pm.
B: Ticket collection until 9.00pm

Can I get my money back if any member of my party get scared at the Hauntfest?

No, unfortunately we operate a No Refund Policy.

What restrictions do you have on age at Halloween?

PLEASE NOTE. If you are under 16 years of age you need to be accompanied by a responsible paying adult
(18 years +), through the haunts. An adult is not allowed to wait for children outside the haunts and let children go through unaccompanied. A paying adult must accompany children through the haunts at all times. We do not allow large groups of teenagers to congregate without at least one responsible adult to take charge in case one of the group becomes traumatized.

How does the haunt wristband system work at Halloween?

You may purchase either a 2 haunt, 3 haunt, 4 haunt or 5 haunt wrist band, these are used for entry into the haunts. For example if you have purchased a 3 haunt wristband this will admit into 3 haunts of your choice. You could enter 3 different haunts or you may have a favourite and wish to enter that one 3 times its up to you.

What is the Halloween Advance Peak Evening ticket ?

The advance peak evening ticket price is slightly cheaper than the price you would pay on the night. They are only available by booking in advance either online or at our ticket office.

What is a Halloween discounted special?

The discounted specials are tickets we offer for certain nights, they are only available by booking in advance, they are not available to purchase on the night. Tickets purchased on the night will be charged at the normal price.

What is the on the gate Halloween ticket?

The on the gate ticket price is what you pay on the night if you havent bought your tickets in advance. They are subject to availability, so it is advisable and cheaper to book in advance.

What is a 5 Haunt Fastpass?

Our Fastpass means you pay that little bit extra but gives you the privilege of fast tracking the queue and beating the crowds for a faster admittance time.

What is a Halloween 666 FastPass?

A 666 Fastpass allows the ticket holder unlimited access as many times as they like, to as many haunts as they like in one evening until we close.

Do you have a group booking price for Halloween?

Yes we do for groups of 8 or more.

Do you have strobe lights, loud noises, or fog machines at Halloween and are they health concerns?

Yes we have strobe lights and loud noises which have been known to cause epileptic seizures, therefore the
following haunts: Thirteen, The Edge, MassAcre and Biometrix  are not advisable for people that suffer from epilepsy.

It says the Hauntfest closes at 11pm, what happens if we are still queuing for a haunt when you close?

You will be allowed to enter, we will keep operating until the last person has been through each haunt. Please plan your visit and try and arrive with plenty of time to go through all the haunts, particularly at weekends and
Halloween itself.

How much time will I need to see the haunts at Halloween?

If you are seeing all 5 haunts please allow a minimum of 4 hours at the weekends and Halloween.

Are there actors in the haunts at the Halloween HauntFest?

Yes there are actors during the night time event. There are no actors in any haunts before 6.30pm, apart from on the Twilight Tours.

Are the actors allowed to touch you at the Halloween HauntFest?

There is light contact from actors in Biometrix, you are not allowed to touch them. The actors are not allowed to touch you, equally you are not allowed to touch the actors. Aggressive or abusive behaviour towards our actors will not be tolerated and you will be escorted from site. If you harm our actors then you will be prosecuted.

What does it mean when you go “live” at the Halloween HauntFest?

This is the time when the actors are put into the haunts and the scaring begins.

Will my child or myself get scared at the Halloween HauntFest?

This is a common question and virtually impossible for us to answer. It really depends on the individual person, in our experience some people get very scared and others don’t at all.

Are you open when it rains at the Halloween HauntFest?

We still operate even in bad weather. 80% of our queue waiting areas are undercover but please be prepared in case of bad or cold weather conditions. We recommend bringing warm and waterproof clothing.

What do I wear?

Due to the autumnal weather we recommend warm and waterproof clothing. We strongly advise not wearing high heels due to uneven surfaces, but recommend wearing footwear suitable for a farm.

Is alcohol allowed on site at the HauntFest?

No. If you are found with alcohol on your person it will be confiscated for the duration of your visit. If we think you are under the influence of either drugs or alcohol you will be escorted off site and you will forfeit your ticket.

Is smoking allowed at the HauntFest?

No, we operate a strict No Smoking policy within the haunts.

Are refreshments available during Halloween and Christmas?

At Halloween,  hot food, ice cream, candy floss, popcorn and drinks are available. Confectionery is also available from the Candy Cabin outlets on site.

At Christmas time, we are looking at having a hot food concession stand.

There is also a lovely pub the Ship at Southfleet, which is 5 minutes down the road and at Christmas time is lit up with lights and very pretty.

The Manor Farm Barn is adjacent to the farm.

Does your Halloween attraction have security?

Yes, we have fully trained security staff that keep watch over you and our staff.

Is the HauntFest wheelchair accessible?

The Spooky Castle and Biometrix are designed to accommodate non-motorized wheelchairs, Haunted Woods and Twilight Tours Trailer Rides can also accommodate wheelchairs. The other 3 haunts are not suitable due to the uneven floors and tight spaces.

Are Dogs allowed to attend the Halloween Festival?

No, with the exception of Guide Dogs.

What is a Halloween Boo Pass?

The Boo Pass gives you UNLIMITED Entrance, (on the day it is redeemed), to Pumpkin Palace, Monster Madness,The Boneyard and one FREE Haunted Wood ride. Book in advance or pay on the day. (Please note adults have free admission to  these attractions, with the exception of the Haunted Wood Ride, tickets for this are £2.00)


What is a Halloween Scare Pass?

The Scare Pass is a 5 Haunt pass, that gives you UNLIMITED entrance, on the day it is redeemed, to Spooky Castle, Biometrix, The Edge, MassAcre & Thirteen, plus 1 FREE trailer ride to the Haunted Woods


What is a Halloween Family of 4 ticket?

The Family of 4 ticket is a daytime 5 Haunt pass for a four people (must include at least one adult), that gives you UNLIMITED Entrance, (on the day it is redeemed), to Spooky Castle, Biometrix, The Edge, MassAcre &          Thirteen, plus 1 FREE trailer ride to the Haunted Woods


Can I use my Halloween daytime tickets for the evening event?

 No they can only be used for admittance until 6pm, after that time you will need to purchase a ticket for the evening event.


Can Halloween Daytime and Nightime tickets be purchased together?

Daytime and Nightime tickets have to be purchased in separate transactions. 

What retail facilities are available during Halloween and Christmas?

During the day we have a well stocked Farm Shop selling local fresh produce and a whole host of other goodies to delight and inspire lovers of fine quality food.

We also have for Halloween the ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, stocking fantastic products for all your Halloween needs. 

At Christmas visit our Christmas Barn, which sells Christmas trees, decorations, lights and gifts.

Do you have restrooms available?

Yes, we have restrooms available, along with a wheelchair accessible toilet and baby changing facilities.

What does a visit to Farmer Christmas entail?

You will board our trailer which takes you on a jolly ride into the woods with our cheerful elves, who will sing festive songs. Upon entering the wood, you will disembark the trailer and go on a short walk though our winter wonderland to Farmer Christmas cabin. Once inside the cozy cabin, Farmer Christmas will read you a story. And if you’ve been good, the elves will give you a present.

How long does the Farmer Christmas experience last?

The experience lasts approximately 25 minutes.

Where can I buy tickets for Farmer Christmas?

Tickets can be purchased online or from the Farm Shop.

When visiting Farmer Christmas does a child have to be accompanied by an adult

Yes a child must be accompanied by a paying adult.

Do I have to pay for a babe in arms to visit Farmer Christmas?

Yes, if you want your child to receive a present.

Do adults have to pay to visit Farmer Christmas?

Yes, everyone visiting Farmer Christmas has to pay, but we do not give tickets to adults, which is why the adult ticket price is cheaper. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Do I book ahead or pay on the day to visit Farmer Christmas?

We strongly advise you book in advance to avoid disappointment. Some tickets maybe available on the day but there is no guarantee.

What happens if i miss my timeslot for Farmer Christmas?

You will be asked to wait for the next ride on which there are spaces available. However on busy days, there may not be any spaces available and you may not get to see Farmer Christmas at all. Please ensure that you arrive at least 10 minutes before your timeslot.

Can I change my Farmer Christmas booking?

Please note that we are unable to transfer bookings for any reason. Please ensure that you are confident in being able to fulfil your booking before completing the purchase of tickets.

Where do I collect my Farmer Christmas tickets that I have purchased?

You will be emailed a booking confirmation, please print this off and bring this with you and give it to the Elfministrator in the Elfministrator's hut next to the pond.

Are the Farmer Christmas tickets refundable?

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Where do I park for Farmer Christmas?

Park in the car park next to the duck pond, then go to the Elfministrators hut and give the Elfministrator your booking reference, please ensure you arrive 10 minutes before your allotted time.

Is photography allowed, when visiting Farmer Christmas?

Yes, photography is allowed. Farmer Christmas is available for photo's after you receive your present. Please bring your own cameras.

Is the Farmer Christmas experience wheel chair accessible?

Yes we can accommodate wheel chairs, please phone us prior to the event so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Are dogs allowed to visit Farmer Christmas?

No, with the exception of Guide Dogs.

Is Farmer Christmas open when it rains or snows?

We still operate even in bad weather.

What does Easter at Broadditch entail?

Easter Wonderland is situated in the Barn. A walk through experience, leading you to the White Rabbits burrow. The White Rabbit will read you a story and after this you choose a gift.

Follow the clues on our Bunny Hunt round the woods, to collect your prize.

Are Easter wonderland or combo tickets refundable or transferable?

No tickets are non-transferable or refundable.

Is photography, allowed when visiting the White Rabbit?

Yes, photography is allowed. The White Rabbit is available for photo's after the story. Please bring your own camera.

Where do I park for Easter at Broadditch?

Park in the car park behind the barn on the Farm Shop side of the road. Please arrive 10 minutes before your timeslot, and check in at the barn.

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